5 Interesting Facts About Call Of Duty

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The incredibly famous and successful first-person shooter that is Call Of Duty has been around since the first release on the 29th of October, 2003. And now, almost exactly 14 years later, we are eagerly waiting for the fourteenth primary installment, Call Of Duty: WWII. To celebrate the release on the 3rd of November, we briefly go through 5 very interesting facts that not everyone knows about this masterpiece of a game franchise (via WatchMojo).


  1. The Series Has Sold over 250 Million Copies



Since the start of the COD franchise in 2003, it has been one of the industry’s most consistent properties, selling more than 250 million copies worldwide. These insane figures level it with other amazing games such as Grand Theft Auto and The Sims. And with a new installment of the franchise coming up, these numbers will only be going up in the near future.


  1. In-game Footage Has Been Used as Propaganda



Especially in the recent Call Of Duty games, the game footage has become more and more realistic. So realistic in fact, that a North Korean agency used some of the game footage from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III in a strange, propaganda video. The footage is of an attack on New York City, which is part of the story mode of the 3rd Modern Warfare installment.


  1. The Game Had the Codename ‘’Medal of Honor Killer’’


Before Call Of Duty existed, the leader of the first-person shooter industry was EA’s Medal of Honor, a still-popular shooter that stood above every other at the time. Activision started looking at how to compete with the rival’s Medal of Honor, and when designers started development of the first, Call Of Duty it was confidently dubbed ‘’Medal of Honor Killer’’. Well, we now know the confidence was definitely justified.


  1. Activision Takes Care of Real War Veterans



Due to the fact that this game franchise wouldn’t exist if not for the actual soldiers that have fought in wars, Activision is doing their part. The company started a group in 2009, called C.O.D.E. (Call Of Duty Endowment), an organization that is devoted to supporting veterans in finding new jobs. With a donation of millions of dollars to the group that the company made itself, they have helped over 20,000 veterans to find steady jobs.


  1. Create-A-Class Was Inspired by a Board Game



In the first installment of the Modern Warfare series, the company has first introduced Create-A-Class, where players can put together a class themselves, consisting of weapons, equipment and perks. Now, this feature has drastically changed since then. According to Treyarch Director David Vonderhaar, the changes to Create-A-Class that were made in Black Ops 2 were influenced by a board game called Carcassonne. Basically, it introduced having 10 points to put together the class, meaning players have to cleverly pick each aspect of the class.


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