Black Ops 3: A Brief Glimpse At The Remastered Zombies Maps!

Posted by Nur Hazelien Shahira 15/05/2017 Console News,

Not too long after the Activision announced the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles, a new map pack with fully eight remastered from three different Call of Duty games a week ago, today, the company has dropped six videos of updated visual of this Zombies remastered maps on their Twitter account which offer a glimpse of actiony, bloodied and bombed of zombies world.



Set to launch on Tuesday of this week, these short videos look mysterious, ominous and the gameplay has improved in visual effects as well as lighting. PC and Xbox One fans are totally lucky to get the chance to watch this as the release date for the both platforms has not been announced yet. The game will hit the PS4 first and expected to be launched on other platforms a month after the launch on PS4.


Four of the videos below are from World at War while the last two videos are from the original Black OpsNacht Der Toten one of the memorable Zombies levels that bring some nostalgia to the players. The video showcases the first ever Zombies map taking place in an abandoned airfield. With limited playing space, Nacht Der Toten is different from other recent maps that tend to be complicated. The remastered maps include Verruckt,  a horrific Asylum map, Shi No Numa the jungle district with multilevel defense points, Kind Der Toten, the Theater of the Death, Accession, features with zombified Soviet shuttle church and the last one Shangri-La, the unsolved mysteries Zombies map. Take a look at the videos below:



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