Days Gone Alternate Playthrough E3 2017

Posted by Nur Hazelien Shahira 17/07/2017 Console News,

The Days Gone gameplay trailer features some brutal combat, scary freakers, highlights the fully dynamic weather (changing times of day) and randomized events that will affect how the Days Gone plays out.



Sony Interactive Entertainment showed off an alternate playthrough of 11-minute gameplay demo of zombie-killing action, Days Gone. The demo showcases the different weather, time of day, play style as well as gameplay methods that the game will offer. Days Gone gameplay demonstration video was shown behind-closed doors at E3 2017, and differs quite a bit from what was shown during the stage presentation. The most significant difference in this gameplay trailer is that it's daytime and it's now winter, giving new and different tactical opportunities. The time of day not only affects how the game looks but also affects how the enemy behave. This difference provides a better opportunity to get the drop on the gang. Snow impacts the control of the drifter bike, while rainfall and snow can dampen sound. Players can track footprints, or hide particularly devious traps with the presence of the snow. The seasonal cycle may affect the population of the Freakers albeit they are getting stronger when it's cold.



"Especially the freakers, they're mostly nocturnal, but they will come out as the weather gets colder. They become stronger in the cold. So that will, again, change up the way the game plays. All of these features work together to create a dynamic, open-world experience. When Deacon rides out to save his friend, the weather, time-of-day, dynamic events, and playstyle preferences can change the experience pretty dramatically,”



Here are some of the features covered in the video:

  • Weather and time-of-day: Snow will impact your ability to ride the Drifter Bike, cold makes Freakers stronger; rain can dampen sound, but brings more Freakers out during the day; night brings out even more Freakers and changes the behaviors of Marauders, and more.
  • Survival Vision: Players can focus on the environment around them to discover tracks, clues, and resources.
  • Crafting: The open world contains many things which can be used to craft items that are both “useful and deadly.”
  • Traps: Creating and placing traps — used in conjunction with the distraction mechanic — is an important part of players strategic sandbox combat.
  • Dynamic Events: Players have to be cautious and vigilant to avoid ambushes, traps, and other hazards, is the key to survive.



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