Fantasy Strike: Super Easy To Get Into

Posted by Nur Hazelien Shahira 12/07/2017 Console News,

Fantasy Stike is led by the team of ex-Street Fighter developer David Sirlin -  a hardcore player who wants to bring the fun of fighting games to everyone has come up with the solution of the game. This 2D cel-shaded game is designed to be for everyone, with genuine accessibility - "super easy to get into" 



No more complexity for special moves and no need the practice combos in training modes. The game is promising its gameplay will appeal the fans of fighting game. They want to avoid fiddly, inintutitive, difficult-to-execute techniques throughtout the game. Players can now focus on fundamental of fighting games: distancing, timing, zoning, setups, reads, and strategy. In the official blog, the developer stated that, "You also don't have to worry about doing moves with 1/60th of a second accuracy, as is common in fighting games. In Fantasy Strike, anytime you try to do a move, we automatically repeat your input for 8/60ths of a second to make sure it comes out, every time. The hard part should be deciding if you want to do a move, not in getting it to happen once you've decided."


So why the easily get into, here the answers;

  • All moves are done with a button press; no complex joystick motions.
  • Works great on any input device: keyboard, controller, joystick, and more.
  • Combos are intentionally very easy to do. They are just a tool.
  • Enormous 8-frame input buffer so your moves always come out and combos are easier.
  • Your lifebar has discrete chunks so that even the display of hit points is easy to understand.


The fun things about this are player do not need to spend week in training mode; just playing the game matchups, only takes a few minutes before the "playing in real", has unique throw counter: simply let go of all controls and players automatically reverse throws. In addition, Yomi Counters is a new exciting feature added to this game. "Throws are powerful in Fantasy Strike, but you can always punish a throw that you know is coming by simply letting go of your controls! If you do, you'll be vulnerable to any attack, but if your opponent tries to throw you while you're not touching your controls, you'll Yomi Counter them and damage them instead."


Sirlin Games has launched a Fig crowd funding campaign for Fantasy Strike, and they are calling on fans to help them finish the game. The campaign goal for the game is 500k. Backers at the deluxe and higher tiers can play after the crowdfunding campaign ends in August. The current version has eight characters, four stages, online play, training mode, local versus, arcade and a tutorial. This game is expected to launch on PS4 and Steam for late 2018. Check out the video here to know more.



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