Konami Announces Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Posted by Ercan Aslan 18/05/2017 Console News,

Konami has announced Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (PES 2018) which is set to launch later this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


The latest entry into the PES series, PES 2018, is set to launch on September 14, 2017 and will offer a “wide range of improvements to the award-winning series.” Konami has also revealed that the PC version of the game will be to the standard of the console iterations.


According to the announcement, PES 2018 is set to focus on the concept that the game is “Where Legends are Made” offering new features, new ways to play, and an “unrivalled gameplay experience.”



In terms of the new additions, Konami say that it will include more new additions than any other PES games in the past decade with almost every aspect of the game being improved.


It is set to include “a new strategic dribbling system” which offers closer control, contextual shielding to protect the ball, with simpler movements of the controller to fool defenders. Konami has also revealed that they’ve implemented a REAL Touch+ process which has players reacting to receiving the ball using various areas of the body from chest, head, and legs.


Visually the game is set to see even more improvements there with a new “REAL Capture” system offering “true-to-life” lighting across both day and night games. In addition over 20,000 components have been recreated such as turf, tunnels, and surrounding areas of stadiums to remain faithful to their real-world counterparts. Motion capturing has also allowed the game to offer individuality to how players move, too, thanks to an overhauled animations system.



It looks like Konami have rebuilt PES 2018 from the ground up to offer an incredibly realistic football game for current-gen consoles and PC, both visually and mechanically.


PES 2018 launches on September 14.

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