Playing Star Wars: Battlefront II With Rubber Bands To Boost Credits

Posted by Jelle 27/11/2017 Console News,PC News,


After all the controversy, it is no secret that it’s difficult to grind for credits in Battlefront II, which is probably the biggest reason why so many players were angry at EA implementing paid loot boxes. However, as expected, players went looking for ways to cheat the system. Although we obviously don’t condone cheating, all you need is a simple rubber band.


It started with Reddit user Lowberg, when he uploaded a picture of a so called ‘’progression droid’’ he created, to ‘’unskillfully collect credits’’. The contraption is made out of lollipop sticks, pieces of wood and some sort of battery. This creation uses the sticks to press the buttons and move the character around, to allow them to gain credits from a match without actually contributing in anyway, and without being kicked for being AFK. The creation works because all players get the same amount of credits, no matter the player’s performance. So even though the player will get killed constantly, he will most likely get the same amount of credits as the top player of the match.



But then, Reddit user F0ngen showcased a much simpler way, just using a couple of rubber bands. Attaching the rubber bands around the toggle stick and securing it to the back of the controller, also achieves the automatic movement of the character, avoiding being booted as AFK.


The rubber band trick has been used for a while, as they allowed fast improvement in a character’s skill in games such as Oblivion. Although it’s creative, as said before, we don’t recommend cheating, as it is unfair to your fellow players. Besides, when other players see you aimlessly running around in circles they might report you, as everyone now knows the possibilities to cheat.


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