The Biggest E-Sports Event Begins

Posted by Carl 08/08/2017 PC News,

After an intense week of group stage, the main event for the biggest e-sport tournament officially began this morning in Seattle. The best 16 team all over the world will be competing for a record prizepool of over $24Million, in which the champions would get themselves a whopping $10+ Million of the prizepool.


This however is not shocking to the veterans of the game Dota2, which has seen growth over the years and are expecting more overtime. With the opening ceremony kicking off at 1am (GMT+8), it started with a sketch by hosts Kaci and SirActionSlacks, with a cameo from the head of Valve himself, Gabe Newell.


Games hit off instantly not too long after, with fan favourite Team Liquid taking on TI2 Champions, Team IG (although with 5 totally different players, but with veteran carry Burning).  The second series however will head over to TI Champions territory, in which the TI5 Champions, EG, take on TI4 Champions, Newbee. While rosters are anew with some familiar faces, the series was action packed.


Losers of these 2 series will be kicked down to the Lower Bracket, in which they await to see who they face next, and move on in the tournament.


As per usual, the first day of Main Event usually ends the TI Dream of 4 teams, with the scary format of Best of 1. Loser goes home, winner moves on to face the team that drops from the Winner Brackets.


You can catch all the action of Day 1 below :-


Must Watch Matches in Day 2


With Day 1 ending , we look forward to upcoming matches of the top teams in The International 7.


Our Malaysian pride still hangs on with LFY.Ah Fu, who‘s team topped the group stage in Group B with a record of 14-2. Definitely look forward to his support plays with heroes such as Earthshaker and Earth Spirit. LFY will face the top South East Asian team, the Filipino pride, TnC Gaming. Expect a lot of teamfights and top-tier individual plays.


The second series will be a battle of prides for both the China region and CIS region. LGD Gaming (sister team to LGD-ForeverYoung) will take on the versatile Virtus Pro, who recently won a tournament by picking over 80 different heroes to play throughout the tournament  (The Summit). With 2 of the top mid players in their respective regions, definitely look forward to the mid match-up of VP.No[O]ne vs LGD.Somnus (previously known as Maybe).


You can watch the livestream of the tournament via the link below. Be sure to set your alarm and be ready for another day of intense Dota!


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