Tons Of New Monster Hunter: World Videos And Screenshots

Posted by Jelle 20/11/2017 Console News,PC News,


If you weren’t already excited enough for Monster Hunter: World, this might change your mind. Set to release on the 26th of January, there wasn’t a lot of high quality, public footage of the game just yet, until now. So if you’d like to see more of the upcoming game Monster Hunter World, you’ve come to the right place.


Firstly, Monster Hunter developer Capcom released a number of screenshots and videos himself. The snaps mainly showcase the gathering area in the city of Astrea, where people can agree to doing quests, enjoy the fighting arena or simply just meet others and hang out. There is also a private setting for matchmaking in order to play with friends, and the ability to form parties of up to 50 people. Similar to other games, those parties will have a meeting area and social features like messaging. On top of the screenshots, we also get a series of brief videos featuring some of the currently announced monsters and the Ancient Forest area.


Besides the content released by Capcom, Youtuber user Arekkz also posted a few videos recorded at the headquarters of Capcom in Osaka. These videos feature a tour of the city of Astrea, a quick look at the botanical research center, and some of the different kinds of the Palico armors that will be available to craft throughout the game.


Following are a number of screenshots of the game, followed by the videos. Please notice, not all of the material can be included here, but you can find everything here.
















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