Top 10 Easter Eggs In Video Games

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Easter eggs are great, aren’t they? We all love looking for them, especially when it is a reference to a different game or movie. There’s a sense of challenge to find them yourself, but you will often need some help through Google. However, it is especially satisfying if you do happen to find one yourself. Are you still looking for a few fun ones? Well you’re in luck, because here is a list of 10 amazing easter eggs we personally loved.


10.    BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM - The Hidden Blueprint Room



In this gothic masterpiece, there is a little secret hidden about its own sequel. Players have to enter an office of the asylum warden, Quincy Sharp. In there, they have to blow up a wall, and behind this wall, a chamber with a large blueprint is hidden. The blueprint is showing plans of expansion to take up a whole city sector, which was of course a hint for the next installment in the franchise, Batman: Arkham City. The room was so well hidden it was basically undiscovered for 2 years, when Rocksteady gave it away in a preview for the next title.


9.    SILENT HILL 4 - Robbie The Rabbit



When main protagonist of Silent Hill 4 Henry Townshend peeps through the whole of his bedroom to spy on his attractive neighbour Eileen Galvin, he can see a pink bunny named ‘’Robbie’’ laying on her bed. Later in the game, after Galvin is rushed to the hospital, if you decide to take another look through the peephole, you will see Robbie sitting up and looking and pointing directly at you. Pretty terrifying.


8.    SKYRIM - Notched Pickaxe



This one is pretty self explanatory. On top of The Throat of the World, the main mountain in Skyrim, you can find what seems to be some iron ore. Stuck in the ore is a pickaxe named the Notched pickaxe. This was a clever reference to Minecraft and its creator ‘’Notch’’.


7.    HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY - The Lucky Coin



The Hitman series is riddled with in-jokes and secrets, but this one is particularly hilarious and has to be our favorite. While playing the mission ‘’Til Death Do Us Part’’, the lead assassin, Agent 47, is ordered to take out the groom at a redneck wedding. But when he goes over to a building behind the wedding and shoots what seems to be a little coin in a puddle, a group of men in boxers suddenly run over to you and just start clapping. We don’t know if there is any deeper meaning to this, or if it’s just some men in boxers clapping. Whatever it is, it’s hilarious.


6.    PORTAL - The Lair of The Rat Man



Only the true persistent players of players of Valve’s brilliant puzzle game can find the disturbing secrets that the Aperture Science centre holds between its walls. Such as the dens full of scribbles by scientist Doug Rattman, who became trapped in the underground lab and slowly went insane, as can be seen by his scrabbles. One of Rattman’s scrawls is the now legendary line ‘’The cake is a lie’’.


5.    SAINTS ROW 2 - The Ocean Bunny



The Saints Row franchise is infamous for its overall silliness when it comes to weapons, missions and easter eggs. One of the weirdest ones must be the giant, purple ocean bunny that emerges from the water. Players must make it to a tiny island hidden offshore amongst ever-rolling mists, and then just wander around near the coast until this cuddly beast wakes.


4.    GTA V - Thelma and Louise



GTA V is riddled with amazing and hilarious easter eggs, such as the Alien sightings, ghosts and cameos from other GTA titles. However, the coolest one must be the reference to the classic thriller Thelma and Louise, a movie where 2 friends on a trip have to flee from the law after one of them kills a man that tries to rape the other. The easter egg is a bit of a spoiler, as you witness the ending of the movie, where the friends drive themselves off a cliff after a long police chase.


3.    METAL GEAR SOLID 3 - The End



Developer Hideo Kojima has always filled the Metal Gear Solid franchise with little jokes, tricks and secrets, but this one definitely takes the cake. In the third installment you have to take on the rather old, ageing endboss of the game named The End. If you save your game right before fighting him and set your PlayStation system clock forward a few months, when you reload the game, The End has died of old age. Oh Kojima, you genius.


2.    BORDERLANDS 2 - Cavern of The Creepers



In the game’s Caustic Caverns are, among the labyrinth of mining tunnels, players can find an abandoned tunnel filled with creepers, the green exploding creatures from Minecraft. The cave is also filled with Minecraft blocks, that can be mined for rather useful items. Borderlands 2 doesn’t leave it at that, many other cultural references are hidden in this shooter, such as Dark Souls and Lord of the Rings.


1.    CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2 - Retro Arcade



This one wins the race for me, as it allows you to play other games while playing Black Ops 2. In the Nuketown map, if you manage to shoot the heads of all the plastic dummies that are scattered around the map within the first 30 seconds of the match, you get to sit down in front of an old Atari console and play a selection of retro arcade games, such as Pitfall and River raid.

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