Top 5 Hardest Indie Games Ever Made

Posted by Jelle 15/11/2017 Console News,PC News,


The thing we all love about hard games is the sense of challenge we feel. Obviously, games that are too easy aren’t fun to play, and might get boring really fast. However, I personally prefer a game that at least limits the level of difficulty to some degree. These games, clearly don’t. If you want to feel a frustrating sense of challenge, try out any of the games in this list. Be careful though, because these games are so ridiculously hard, they will simply drive you insane.





One of the more famous indie games on this list, Super Meat Boy is a terribly frustrating platforming made up mostly out of spinning, sharp saw blades. With the amount of blood building up as you play, the whole map is bound to end up with a nice layer of red paint on every floor, wall and ceiling. The funniest thing about Super Meat Boy must be that, when you beat a level, you get to see the death replays. These are all your attempts and fails at the level played at the same time, for a hilarious viewing experience.


4.    N++



This fast-paced, high momentum platformer is the definition of frustrating. With frustrating controls and sliding gameplay, it is already hard enough to reach the end of the map, nevermind all the traps that are out there to kill you. Not to mention the fact you have to collect a certain amount of gold to even be able to finish a level, makes this game incredibly difficult. And with an insane number of maps, it’ll take you a while to finish this one. A long while.





Another perfect, fast-paced frustration generator. The goal of Super Hexagon is to control a small triangle while avoiding contact with the walls coming your way, often meaning only one side of the hexagon is safe for a short time period. The game has six difficulties, a few normal modes and Hyper modes, all getting harder respectively. The concept might not sound that difficult, but pace of this game is so unbelievably high, you’ll have a very very hard time keeping up.





The name says it all really. The Impossible Game truly is quite impossible. The concept is very simple, it is just a platformer with jumps and spikes, getting faster the further you get. But the levels get so incredibly hard after awhile, you will give up. Trust me. After hundreds upon hundreds of attempts, you will simply not be able to take the frustration anymore. The game features a practice mode with checkpoints, but the checkpoints can sometimes make it even worse.





I Wanna Be The Guy is a simple, Mario like platformer, but it is nothing like Mario. IWBTG is an evil exercise in unfairness, which will make every attempt to ruin your day. That being said, it is the ultimate way to challenge your inner anger management and patience, so if you think you can take it, try it. I personally will never have the power and patience to finish a game as hard and frustrating as this, but some people have! The game basically forces you to die to figure out the only safe path of the map, meaning you will have to get used to seeing that Game Over! screen.

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