Top 5 Most Powerful Video Game Weapons

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There is little quite as satisfying as being rewarded with that one weapon you have been playing a game for for such a long time, only to start unleashing pure hell on your opposing enemies. A lot of action games have this concept, where the more and longer you play, the more powerful the weapons you find, build or buy get. However, few of those weapons are as insanely powerful as the ones on this list. Buckle up, because some of these weapons shatter their poor opponents with ease.



    ‘’Half-Life 2’’ (2004)



Definitely one of the more famous video game weapons of this list, the gravity gun in the amazing Half-Life 2 is a device that can pick up almost any object in the game, and launch it at any enemy crossing your path, which is especially handy because you will never run out of ammunition. You can even lift up saw blades to slice your enemies in half, or use fuel barrels to blow them to pieces. Later in the game, the weapon will become even more powerful when supercharged with dark energy, which will enable you to literally repel the life out of your enemies.



    ‘’Fallout’’ (2008)



A personal favourite of mine, this steel beast in both the 3rd and 4th installment of the Fallout series is capable of launching 8 mini-nukes towards the opposing enemies, which creates separate fiery explosions that will surely either blow up or burn anyone who is unfortunate enough to walk through its crosshairs. If you don’t care about your karma levels, with this device you will be capable of wiping out a whole village, without them standing a chance to do anything about it.



    ‘’Devil May Cry 4’’ (2008)



Although it looks like a fancy, shiny suitcase, don’t underestimate the sheer power of this device. Said to be able to adapt six hundred sixty six different forms, each of them are able to deal an insane amount of damage and destruction to its opponents. Devil May Cry’s main protagonist Dante receives it late in the 4th installment of the game, and although he is only able to use 7 of its 666 forms, they are still impressively devastating.


2.    R.Y.N.O

    ‘’Ratchet & Clank’’ series (2002-16)



Abbreviated from the appropriately titled ‘’Rip Ya a New One’’, this weapon had us all saving up bolts, the in-game currency of Ratchet & Clank, as soon as it was available for purchase. Although some changes have occurred, this weapon is a stable in the series, and is able to demolish any of Ratchet’s enemies by rapidly launching multiple heat-seeking rockets at once. Use this against any enemy or in any boss fight, and your opponent will barely stand a chance.


1.     BFG-9000

    ‘’Doom’’ series (1993-2016)



If I tell you the B stands for big, and the G for Gun, I’m sure you can figure out what the F stands for. And it sure is a Big F’ing Gun, projecting giant balls of green plasma-like material, which violently explode upon impact. The weapon has seen a lot of change over the years, including in the most recent, highly successful Doom release in 2016. This weapon is so ridiculously powerful, each shot being an instant kill to any unlucky demon out there, even Hell itself is afraid of this device.


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