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Avid fans of horror games such as myself are always on the look out for the scariest game out there. Now, I have played a fair share of scary games myself, and to help you scare-fanatics with your search for the most terrifying games, I’ll share with you my top 5. Do realize that this top 5 is completely subjective, and anyone is welcome to disagree! If you feel like we missed out, let us know in the comments.


BEWARE: Some pictures used in this blog might not be for the faint of heart.


5.    SILENT HILL 2 (2001)



According to most ‘’scariest video games’’ lists, Silent Hill 2 should be on the number one spot. Although I’d have to disagree with this statement, I do fully believe it deserves a spot on this list. There are few other games that so perfectly portray real terror and its consequences. The psychological horror in this game is bound to completely drag you into the story and its characters, and not let you out before having finished this masterpiece.





The concept of Amnesia is fairly simple, but by god, it’s an effective one. Roaming through those dark corridors with nothing but a candle with limited matches, all while constantly expecting those horrifying creatures to appear and chase you, is a truly unprecedented feeling. The worst thing about Amnesia must be the fact that if a monster does spot you, there is nothing else to do than run and hide. You can’t fight them in any way, so hiding is your only savior. And of course, hiding affects your sanity, drawing those creatures in your direction even quicker.


3.    OUTLAST (2013)



The idea of Outlast is similar to that of Amnesia, however, more terrifying. Besides this, there’s a deeper storyline to get hooked by. Personally, I think mental asylums are the scariest settings for any game or movie, and Outlast perfectly uses this to its advantage. And again, roaming through the halls of that mental asylum with a night-vision camera with limited batteries is insanely nerve wrecking, and those occasional jump-scares are sure to leave you completely shocked and horrified.


2.    P.T. (2014)



Although it’s a shame Konima cancelled the productions of Silent Hills in 2015, luckily we at least have the Playable Trailer (P.T.) in our lives. With what must be one of the scariest premises for a horror game I have even played, this first-person psychological horror game is sure to absolutely terrify you in any way possible. Lisa, the antagonist of the demo, and the ghost of a woman that was murdered by her husband with a shotgun blow to the eye and stomach while pregnant, is hands-down one of the scariest ghosts/creatures I have ever come across in any horror game or movie.


1.    CRY OF FEAR (2012)



Although this might not be a very popular pick, I do believe Cry of Fear deserves the number one spot on this list. Simply because for the life of me, I can not think of a darker, more disturbing game that has left me more horrified than this masterpiece. What started as a mod for Half-Life 2, turned into a free-to-play standalone game. What’s worst about this game is that besides being so terrifying, it’s also incredibly difficult. With very limited save points in the story line, the fear of dying is so much more prevalent than in other game I know. Seriously though, watch out with this one. Because if you do happen to launch the game, you will immediately be greeted with this message:




Yeah, that’s Cry of Fear for you...


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