Top 5 Things To Know About Cuphead

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The very recently released Cuphead is already a classic. This run-and-gun indie video game developed by StudioMDHR Entertainment, was released on the 29th of September this year for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, and is highly praised for its art style and difficulty. The game is immensely popular, selling over one million copies in the first two weeks of the release. If you haven’t been on track with this game, here are 5 things you need to know!





Within a few seconds of checking out the game, you’ll see the amazing, old school influenced art, being one of the key things that makes Cuphead the amazing game that it is. The game looks like an adventure locked up for a couple of decades, before it was released this year. The beautiful, surreal art style is heavily influenced by that of Max Fleischer, and other 1930s cartoonists.





Very much like the art, the old school music adds up to the vintage vibe of the Cuphead, being  the type of music that makes you want to dance around to a big band jam session. The music perfectly syncs with the story, and without any dialogue, the music will tell you whatever is happening at any given moment. For instance, you’ll know when you’re exploring a piece area, and you’ll know when you’re face-to-face to one of the bosses.





Besides the art and the music, the genre itself is something that is such a classic too. The platformer-like, chaotic, run-and-gun, bullet hell type of game mode that just assigns you to shoot everything that comes in your path, similar to old school games such as Metal Slug. The genre definitely isn’t dead, but you certainly won’t see many similar games being released this decade.





There was a little controversy surrounding the game and its reviews by certain game journalists. When game reviewer Dean Takahashi uploaded his 26-minute demonstration of Cuphead, he didn’t expect it to go viral. But his, rather shameful performance, led to a massive discussion about game journalists and their ability to properly assess games. This whole debate gave Cuphead a lot of press, and added on to their perfectly timed release a month later.





It wouldn’t be a true run-and-gun platformer without it being crazily difficult. And yes, Cuphead surely delivers. The best and also the worst part of Cuphead is that you get infinite lives, meaning you’ll have no reason to give up the game. To put it in short, everything wants you dead, at all time. Get used to the YOU DIED! Screen, because you’ll be seeing it a whole lot.


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