Valve Teases New TCG Game 'Artifact'

Posted by Carl 09/08/2017 PC News,

Valve teased a new game called ‘Artifact : The Dota Card Game’ during one of the break segments in The International 2017.


The teaser is brief, with the trailer for it being not more than 35 seconds. While no gameplay was shown, it is safe to assume that this game would work like most Trading Card Games, but more Dota-esque. With the success of Hearthstone and the continuous growth of Magic The Gathering, it was just a matter of time for Valve to dig their hands into this genre.


Dota2 has a huge community around the world, hence it is with no doubt that Artifact could easily be successful.  One of the masterminds behind Artifact, Steve Jaros, even teased Lore Master SirActionSlacks that the game would have much more lore , and would definitely expand the Dota2 universe.



The game is expecting to be released in 2018. Check out the teaser below and share with us what you think! Would you play a Dota2 based TCG?




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