XCOM 2: War of The Chosen, Deeper and Better!

Posted by Nur Hazelien Shahira 13/07/2017 Console News,


Firaxis has released a new footage of their largest expansion in the entire series, giving fans their first in-depth look at the gameplay. XCOM2‘s new expansion, War of Chosen is crazily powerful. Zombies and the Assasins will complicate your tactics. This new expansion has added bunch of new features, new hero classes, new enemies, new missions, environments and increased depth in strategic gameplay as well as the new challenge mode. War of Chosen promises its gameplay would be deeper and better this time. This new DLC is out next month on August 31 for PS4,  PC, and Xbox One. 



Your powerful new enemies have unique personalities, weapons, and powers. You will face them multiple times in a campaign, and they will get stronger as you do. They even remember previous battles similar to Shadow of Mordor’s nemesis system.  In addition, the Assassin able to appear from nowhere and knock the soldiers out of battle, temporarily, in a single action while hunters who are alien hybrids come with a more cynical personality and use long range rifles. Other than that, Warlock can summon additional enemies to the battlefield using their psionic powers.



You need to be extra alert as assassins can kidnap your soldiers directly from the battlefield, leaving you a man short in the middle of a fight. You will need to secure intel to find out where you soldiers if you want to get them back. However, you will have to decide whether or not getting the stolen soldiers is worth the intel or just leave them in the jail. Personality traits are new feature added to the game and your soldiers have more personality, adding more variation to your soldiers but also give a tactical impact. They also can get tired after long missions where this may affecting their performance for next mission, they have to rest up for awhile before entering the next battle. Soldiers in this new XCOM2 are more fragile and human, which will surely make their death more heart-wrenching.



The best thing in this new expansion is you wouldn’t face the Chosen alone as there are friendly heroes where you can recruit three hero classes from resistance factions that are similar to their alien counterparts. The opposite of the Assassin, Reapers can kill enemies from an incredible distance using the sniper rifle. The Lost is the new type zombie-like enemies who were once human but now they hunt collapsing, infected places which are a new environment in War of Chosen. This zombie like enemies will attack anyone who crosses their path. The Lost has three kinds of types. There is the regular and shambling kind of Lost who behaves similarly like traditional Hollywood zombies. There is the Dashers too, which this kind of zombies move more quickly and easily surround your troops. And you need to know that Lost are neutral. The will attack you eagerly as ADVENT do.



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