PS4 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


Product Highlights

  • A FRESH COMBAT SYSTEM: Combat includes two types of attacks: HP and Bravery. As you’d imagine, HP attacks take away a chunk of an enemy’s HP. But aside from HP, players also have a Bravery meter that fills up as you fight. The higher your Bravery, the more damage you’ll inflict when you use an HP attack.
  • FOUR AVAILABLE CLASSES: Characters have one of four classes. A Marksman has ranged attacks, while a Vanguard goes for close-up melee combat and an Assassin utilizes quick attacks and darts away. A fourth class, Specialist, essentially means miscellaneous and tends to draw from Final Fantasy games of the past. 
  • EXCITING BATTLES GALORE: Battles are three-on-three and one team wins when it has three KOs, whether that means taking down all three characters on the other team once, taking down a single player three different times, or anything in between. 
  • STORY TIME: Watch the immersive story unfold through cutscenes in between matches.

Important Notes

  • Platform : PS4
  • Genre : Action
  • Region : R3
  • Audio & Subtitle Languages : English

Package Includes

  • 1 x PS4 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Product Condition

  • Brand New in Box

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