MSI Interceptor DS4100 Gaming Keyboard


Product Highlights


Tactile Feedback

Easy to actuate with excellent feedback

- Travel distance: 2mm to bottom
- Actuation force: 55g


Integrated hand rest prevents wrist
injures during long gaming sessions.

Light and Thin

Light weight and thin body design

- Thickness: 1.8cm
- Weight: 620g
- Easy for user to carry


By pressing Fn key with other keys,
DS4100 provides below useful

Backlight Control

Change Backlight Color

Increase the brightness

Decrease the brightness

Activate the breathing mode

Increase the frequency of breathing mode

Decrease the frequency of breathing mode

Gaming Function

The typewriter keys [W], [A], [S], [D] may correspond with
the direction keys [↑][↓][←][→]. Using the [Fn] key and
the [W] key to exchange the functions of typewriter keys
[W], [A], [S], [D] for the direction keys [↑][↓][←][→].

Using the [Fn] key and the [Windows Logo] key to disable
the function of Windows Key. The G LED, located on the
upper right side of the keyboard, illuminates when the
Windows function key is disabled.

Media Control

FN + F1    Open Media Player
FN + F2    Lower the Volume
FN + F3    Raise the Volume
FN + F4    Mute the Volume
FN + F5    Stop Playback
FN + F6    Go to Previous Track
FN + F7    Play or Pause Playback
FN + F8    Go to Next Track
FN + F9    Open Mail
FN + F10  Navigate Home
FN + F11  Lock the Windows
FN + F12  Open Calculator


                Package Includes

                • 1 x MSI Interceptor DS4100 Gaming Keyboard

                Product Condition

                • Brand New In Box


                • 1 Years local manufacturer warranty

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